February 28, 2020


Work/Life Balance

For Professional and Financial Services Firms in the City


Garner home support for your employees with the power of “19 minutes”

Your brightest and best employees are often juggling. They juggle home and work which really comes into sharper focus when they have children. If parenthood is not managed effectively then work suffers, and that’s bad for your business. Even where it is handled well, there’s always a bit to learn that really makes work and home life so much more easier.

As part of your offering to your employees, NineteenMinutes really drives home how committed you are to their family well-being and simple gestures like those offered here are repaid many times over.

A series of seminars, webinars or a planned program works wonders. 

To find out more, take a look at our prospectus or if you prefer face-to-face, you can meet with one of the directors to explore the benefits to your employees and your business. 

Call 0845 539 19 19 or email amanda@nineteenminutes.com for a meeting or click here for the prospectus.


In case you were wondering? 19 minutes is how long working parents engage with their children every day (according to an Office of National Statistics use of time survey).

We are also a little different – see our performance guarantee below. 


Our Performance Guarantee

If you are not happy with any aspect of our service, including the delivery of any event or seminar then just tell us and we will not charge you for it. We write and deliver our own materials, informed by research, tailored to meet your needs and take pride in meeting high standards. If you think we fall short then we wouldn’t want you to pay.

Please Contact Us to find out more.

Call 0845 39 19 19 or e-mail amanda@nineteenminutes.com

Or take a look at what we do >>>


“We ran two ‘Nineteen Minutes’ sessions – one on Raising Girls and one on Raising Boys. Both events were hugely popular and extremely well attended. Amanda was really keen to work collaboratively with us in order to deliver the type of session that would work well with our audience – she spent time with us before the session to really understand what we were looking to achieve. Amanda was flexible and responsive to feedback. Both sessions had the right mix of information and interactivity and each session was accompanied by a handout of practical tips and suggestions. The feedback from both sessions was very positive with attendees finding them useful, interesting and enjoyable. We are looking forward to holding further Nineteen Minutes sessions on other topics in the future.”

Mitra Janes
Head of Diversity & Inclusion, DLA Piper


“The attendance and feedback has been the best we have had for any of our seminars. We used NineteenMinutes to launch our HSF family network, run our Bring Your Child To Work Day and they deliver many other seminars and events for us. If you are looking for events or seminars that fully engage your employees then I would recommend you talk with NineteenMinutes.”

Paula Waite
Former Diversity & Inclusion Executive, Herbert Smith Freehills LLP
(now EMEA Diversity Manager, White and Case LLP)


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