January 27, 2020

Meet Amanda

Amanda Solomons

Amanda Solomons

I founded NineteenMinutes in 2006 after spending the majority of my corporate working life in banking, where I was a senior manager in the retail network of a major bank. Following a period of maternity leave and spending time bringing up my own two young children I realised how much I wished I’d known and how ill prepared I was for balancing a new family with managing a career.

This has included looking back to my time as a non-parent leader, where I had to balance the needs of parents and non-parents in my team. I used to be frustrated by parents with the extra demands on their home life, such as needing time off when their child was ill, wanting to see them at a school event or in expecting priority for school holidays. How little did I know!

Attending a parenting workshop, run by a local charity where I live, set me in this new direction. Fascinated by the content and wanting to be as prepared as I could be to bring up my own children, I asked if I could get involved.

They trained me as a facilitator and then I took on a much more active role leading and training over 20 facilitators and contributing to the development of programmes.

I decided I wanted to know a lot more about the subject, so I have spent many years researching, training and building my experience to enable me to support employers and their employees who have to juggle busy working lives while doing the best they possibly can for their families.

I write or co-write the material used in our workshops and coaching and am nationally accredited by the National Open College Network, Family Caring Trust, Health Exercise and Nutrition for the Really Young, Strengthening Families and have trained with the Fatherhood Institute. I speak on many topics affecting working parents and carers and work life balance.

Supporting people is what I really enjoy, as I have seen at first hand the difference that certain skills and techniques can make to both work and home life. I also have a passionate interest in education and am currently a vice-chair of Governors at a secondary school, former chair of a primary school and also a director of a multi-academy trust.

I’m married to Mark, who is also a Director of NineteenMinutes, as well as running another training and consultancy company. He shares an interest in this area, and has written books on Building Resilience and Coaching Skills. My son has just completed his first year at University and my daughter her GCSEs, so I have personally experienced the joy and frustrations of most of the things I talk and write about too.

If you are reading this, thank you for spending your valuable time with me, and I hope to have the opportunity to meet or talk with you and am always happy to freely share the benefits of my training and experiences – so do get in touch.

You can contact me by clicking here, calling 0845 39 19 19 or e-mailing me at amanda@nineteenminutes.com

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