February 28, 2020

Changing Your Energy To Improve Results at Work and Home

It is often the small things that make the biggest differences in life. The solution is not usually about working harder, faster or longer – though it may seem so in these challenging times. It usually needs a change in mindset and behaviours.

Have you ever wondered why some employees are able to bound in to work every day and tackle all the things thrown at them while others seem bowed and already exhausted when they turn up?

Understanding what is going on in their life is one thing, though providing practical support that can change it is even better.

While the ability to manage time is important, it is actually the ability to manage personal energy that makes the difference.  If you have all the time you need and are not up for the task in hand then it won’t be done well or at all.  Yet if time is tight but you have huge reserves of energy to call upon it is amazing what can be achieved.

For those with busy work and home lives and who seek to find a balance that allows them to be successful in both, learning how to energise themselves and to take responsibility for their lives is very important.

Everyone has a deep pool of internal resources they can pull on and yet for many these remain untapped.

We are able to support employees to develop and sustain greater energy for their and your success.  Improve engagement, enjoyment, performance and results.

Some examples from the many areas we can cover include

Raising awareness of the importance of managing energy

What drains or radiates energy

The Four Quadrants of energy and how to tap into them

Building energy from all your internal resources

Organising your day to maximise personal performance


All our work is based on research and the experience of our directors who have worked with many high performers, in business and in elite sport. Interested in finding out how energising your employees can bring immediate and tangible business benefits, while also improving their home life, then get in touch.

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