December 6, 2019

Inspiration Time

A Rather Unique Approach
Our rather unique approach looks at inspiring employees to make the most of their available time, to create the home life they want and therefore improving their motivation and performance at work.

Studies have shown that the average working parent may spend as little as nineteen minutes engaging with their children every day.  Those with carer or other family responsibilities or who have major commitments outside work all report similar challenges of being able to find the time they need to carry out the things they feel are important.

NineteenMinutes programmes shift the focus from how much time employees have with their children, families or other commitments to how they can make every moment of that time special.

Understanding life from a child’s perspective, making the most of every moment spent with your children or family, building strong, durable relationships and creating memories that will last a lifetime are just some of the practical skills our programmes have been developed to impart, no matter how little time you have available.

Quotes We’ve Encountered

Do you think and feel like many others who have benefitted from NineteenMinute programmes…

“I never seem to see my children these days and when I do I am just so tired.”

“People are always talking about work/life balance and I would like to spend more time at home … it’s just not possible as we need the extra money.”

“I always seem to be rushing around to meet all my family commitments.  I don’t get to spend enough time doing the things I need to do and can’t focus at work either because I am always worrying about what I haven’t been able to do.”


If this sounds familiar and you think your employees might benefit from changing their mindset and approach please get in touch to find out about the benefits we can bring – both to home and to their work performance.

Please click here to contact us.

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