December 6, 2019

Leading Parents and Carers

Whether they are parents or carers themselves, the leaders in your organisation may well struggle when they find themselves managing others whose priorities are split between their children and family responsibilities and their job/career.

How will they encourage work focus, what will motivate a parent to dedicate more time to their career when this potentially risks less time with their family, does a parent employee have any additional or different rights that their managers should be aware of?

What separates a great leader from a good leader is their ability to draw out the best from those they lead. To achieve this, managers need to understand the mindset of the individuals within their teams.

NineteenMinutes provides Workshops and Coaching to help your leaders understand the often complex needs and priorities of those who split their time between home and office. For those leaders without family, parent or carer responsibilities this can be a huge leap in imagination, but even those, for example who have children, need to appreciate the very individual demands of the family lives of those they manage.

The skills that we share will increase understanding and most importantly lead to happier and more engaged employees, with raised morale, increased productivity and better results.

To encourage your leaders to get the best from their diverse teams, contact us to discuss the benefits of our “Leading Parents and Carers” programmes. You can get in touch by clicking here.

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