Nineteen Minute Parenting

Nineteen Minutes is the average time working parents engage with their children each day (*ONS Survey).

Make every minute count...

In this webinar recording you will find out

  • How people learn to parent and what has changed for today's parents
  • About parenting styles and the impact they have on children's behaviour
  • How to build a connection and communicate most effectively
  • How to better self-manage, stop feeling guilty and make the most of your available and valuable time
  • What children need and ideas that you can use when spending nineteen minutes or less with them

You can see the whole recording below - it's just less than 40 minutes and has been edited to provide a better non-interactive listening experience.

We know how busy you are and have also split the recording into 5 sections, ranging from 6 to 11 minutes each. If you would prefer to watch it in more bite-sized chunks to better fit your lifestyle, then please click here.

Enjoy your webinar - simply click the play button on the video immediately below.​

If you are interested in webinars or seminars to better support your working parents and those who lead them, please get in touch.


Call: 0845 539 19 19

Or click the button below and leave your details and we will be in touch with further information.

We asked NineteenMinutes to deliver a webinar to all our senior people managers as we were impressed by their subject knowledge and flexible approach to meet our specific needs. The first of these was to help employees who are parents or who have other home commitments to stop feeling guilty about the time they have available and to focus on making the most of it, to improve their motivation and how they feel about their work and life.

NineteenMinutes provided many thought provoking ideas and practical tips that have already made a real difference for many colleagues. We were absolutely delighted by the numbers listening in, of all genders, and the feedback has been extremely positive, both about the content and how it was delivered. Several weeks later and people are still talking about it! I’d highly recommend this approach to any organisations wanting to give even more support to their employees."

Patrick Green
HRD, EMEA, ES Field Delivery
(formerly Hewlett Packard CDS)

Thank You for Listening

Importance of juggling your work and life to achieve balance

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