January 27, 2020

Our Story

Many employees worry that they do not spend enough time engaging with their families and that there are not enough hours in the day to do everything that is asked of them at work either.  And those with children or who are carers often find themselves torn between conflicting priorities and as a result are not able to focus effectively on either work or home life.

We at NineteenMinutes experienced these feelings while working in corporate organisations and received very different levels of support from our companies. When I (founder Amanda Solomons), took maternity leave and tried to balance family and work life I had little practical support from my employer and as a result found that my work was compromised. I began to resent the fact that there was a general lack of understanding about the new challenges I now faced.

As a result I decided to leave and focus on bringing up my children. After a short time I realised I wanted to know more and got involved with a local parenting charity. This and my own experiences made me realise I wanted to make a difference for others who found themselves caught trying to do a highly effective job and at the same time make sure they were present for those who needed them outside work.

I also looked back on my time as a leader prior to this when I managed a large team, many who did have children, and realised how little I understood about their challenges. I often resented the extra support they seemed to be given and their often inflexibility with such things as holidays. How little I knew and I wish I had been better informed so I could have given greater support to them.

This isn’t about being altruistic – research clearly shows that organisations who value their people and enable them to effectively manage their work and non-work priorities get better results.  This affects the bottom line.


Please click here to find out a little more about my experiences.


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