December 6, 2019


Working parents in city firms face challenges in successfully managing their work and home life. Yet many of these challenges are self-inflicted and reflect the way they think, rather than the reality of their situation.

Research has shown this to be true.  Ribena Plus carried out research and highlights included

  • 42% of parents worry they are not ‘good enough’ during the week
  • 37% struggle to ‘switch off’ from work mode
  • 25% say they cannot fit in the time to connect with their children in the evenings

These are significant statistics and yet extensive research carried out by University College London has shown that

  • When both parents or a single parent works there is no harmful effect on children’s social or emotional development; and
  • The ideal is both parents living at home and in paid employment.

Supporting working parents to understand this and changing the way they think can have significant benefits for their work and home life, and improve the contract between employer and employee. Establishing informal or formal parent, carer and family networks and providing support through seminars, clinics and training will have a real impact, improving the employees view of their company as an employer of choice and the bottom line. 

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