December 6, 2019

Free Resources

Below you can download some resources that you might find useful if you support working parents and carers. Enter your details below to access any of the guides, handouts or resources. 

Do working Parents/Carers Damage Their Children?

Does working as a parent or carer damage your children or family? Below you can access our review of some of the research into this important area.

The available research is contradictory but whether or not working as a parent/carer does aid or hinder your children it is something that many working parents and carers worry about.

Find out the truth – fact or fiction? Simply enter your details below and get immediate access to this research.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Around 1 in 5 children have a special educational need or disability (SEND) and so this is going to be an important area for many of your working parents and carers.

A new code of practice was introduced in September 2014 and you can get our guide to this code of practice and tips for parents/carers by entering your details below. You will be able to immediately access a copy.

Other Free Resources

The short and easily readable tips listed below are from a range of seminars and bite-sized sessions we have run for our clients. The first four are from sessions run for City Parents and are available here for delegates and others who would like to be more effective at home and work.

These sessions were very popular and if any of your working parents/carers missed out you can share these tips with them and of course we would be delighted to come and deliver this or any other of our topics for you and your working parents too.

Simply click the button and enter your details and you will be taken to a page where you can download a pdf covering each of the topics shown below.



  • Raising girls - ten ways to better support them.
  • Raising teenage girls - ten further steps to support girls moving towards adulthood.
  • Raising boys - ten ways to better support boys.
  • Raising teenage boys - ten further steps to support boys moving towards adulthood.
  • Anxiety in children - ten ways to provide support.
  • Family time - creating more quality time at home.
  • On-line safety - tips to keep children safe on-line.
  • Improving communication and raising self-esteem.
  • Parenting styles - what is most effective?
  • Revision and exam tips - effective ways to prepare for the stress of exams.
  • 100 activities - to have fun time during holidays.




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