February 28, 2020

Coaching and Mentoring

You may already provide business or personal coaching to your leaders and key employees and are thinking about the benefits of extending this approach to other employees.

Perhaps you provide maternity or parent coaching and are prepared to look at a new supplier or may be considering providing these services for the first time.

Or you may have young leaders who haven’t had some of the life experiences of the people they lead and therefore lack the empathy needed or the know how to best support their team.

Extensive research has now proven the significant return on investment that effective coaching and mentoring brings to individuals and organisations.  We have significant and proven personal experience of senior corporate leadership and of those areas that significantly impact on work/life balance.

We provide coaching for

Working Parents and Carers

Effective work/life balance

Maternity (work effectiveness, return to work and pre/post natal)

Leading employees for effective work/life balance

Leading employees through life transitions


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