November 16, 2019

Seminars, Webinars, Workshops and Events

Do you already offer regular seminars, webinars, workshops or events for your employees? Perhaps you do this through established networks, such as a parent, family or work/life balance network, or perhaps you have thought about putting on some seminars or events and haven’t made the arrangements yet.

Our approach is different to many that we see from other providers. While we deliver highly topical subjects we do not give lectures or talks. All our seminars or events are highly interactive and ask delegates to use their own experiences and circumstances to engage with the subjects that we are talking about.

We focus on providing real practical support that will make a difference in their lives and to their performance at work and deliver the business outcomes you need. Our seminars come in bite-sized sessions, suitable for lunchtimes or evenings. Where we run multiple sessions we link them together to enable learning to be practiced, reflection to take place and experiences to be discussed before putting the next building blocks in place.

Feedback has confirmed that this is a highly effective way of supporting employees and provides good value while taking employees away for no more than 60 – 90 minutes at a time.

“Amanda’s seminar was very well received by all attendees. Her presentation was fantastic and the discussion was both engaging and thought provoking. The feedback from our colleagues has been positive, with many being so grateful that the firm offers such opportunities to learn and discuss key issues. We are extremely grateful to Amanda and NineteenMinutes!”

Alexis Goldfarb
Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator, UK/US and EMEA
Herbert Smith Freehills LLP


Some of our more usual topics are listed below.

Events are one-off engagements, usually to support an internal programme, the launch of a network, a bring your child to work day, as part of a communication or to support an internal, national or international day or week of action. We can help organise events or offer seminars and speakers.

Some of our most popular Seminar, Workshop and Event Topics include

Bring Your Child to Work Day – we will plan and deliver the whole day for you or provide any specific support needed. We tailor to your needs to showcase just what you do to the children and relatives of your employees and will deliver an outstanding day.

Leading a Parent Workforce – how leaders can best support parents / carers, including through maternity, paternity and shared parental leave, making the most of KIT days, and supporting a successful return to work, as well as building an effective culture to meet their needs and that of the wider team. This can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Making the Most of Your Time

  • Nineteen Minute Parenting – Stop thinking about the little time you have and start making the most of it.
  • Ditch the Guilt – Understanding why those with families to support feel guilty and the steps you can take to change your thinking and behaviour.
  • Parenting in the 21st Century – A look at the changes and challenges the 21st Century has brought for parents/carers and effective strategies to deal with them.

Raising Children 

  • Stress and Anxiety in Children (and Parents) – Understanding why children’s stress and anxiety is on the rise and steps you can take to help prevent it and to better look after yourself.
  • Raising Girls – Understanding how girls and their role in society has changed and what you can do to best support them.
  • Raising Boys – Understanding how boys are ‘programmed’ and the steps you can take to provide the right support.

Child Development 

  • Brain Development and its Impact on Learning – How the brain develops from birth, the key stages of development and how you can best support children through them.
  • Growth Mindset – Based on the research of Professor Carol Dweck, who estimates that 40% of the adult population have a fixed mindset. This is a not to be missed opportunity to help employees develop themselves and anyone who depends on them for support.
  • Building resilience – As mental health and stress are on the rise in adults and children, how can you develop mechanisms and strategies that will help those you care for (and yourself) be better prepared for any challenges you face?


  • Communicating Effectively – Understanding how language skills develop and building the foundations for good lifelong communication.
  • Parenting Styles and How these Affect Children’s Behaviour – How you learn to parent, the sort of parent/carer you might want to be and how different styles affect children’s behaviour.
  • Who Does Your Child Talk to Most? – Threats and opportunities for children from using technology (including e-safety) and how you can best ‘educate’ and support them.

Other topics include, School Transition, Sleep, Why Teenagers Grunt, Developing Responsibility and Self-Discipline, Letting Go, and Building Confidence and Self-Esteem. 


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You can download our prospectus, which has more details of each of these topics and other subjects we cover by clicking here or on the brochure to the left.






Our sessions are evidence informed and written and delivered by our own team, who have high levels of knowledge and an ability to meet the needs of your audience.

If you have a different subject in mind, would like to find out more or to discuss your needs and requirements please get in touch by clicking here or call 0845 39 19 19.

We also offer a full guarantee. If you do not think any seminar or event lived up to what we promised or was not of the right quality then just tell us and we will refund any money paid. We expect you to be happy with everything we do and if you are not then we don’t want you to pay for it.

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“We asked NineteenMinutes to deliver a webinar to all our senior people managers as we were impressed by their subject knowledge and flexible approach to meet our specific needs. The first of these was to help employees who are parents or who have other home commitments to stop feeling guilty about the time they have available and to focus on making the most of it, to improve their motivation and how they feel about their work and life. Amanda Solomons provided many thought provoking ideas and practical tips that have already made a real difference for many colleagues.

We were absolutely delighted by the numbers listening in, of all genders, and the feedback has been extremely positive, both about the content and how it was delivered. Several weeks later and people are still talking about it! I’d highly recommend this approach to any organisations wanting to give even more support to their employees.”

Patrick Green
HR Director, UK & I, Hewlett Packard CDS


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